National Day of Remembrance for Unborn Children, September 14, 2019

About the Gravesite of Aborted Children in Houston, Texas

Burial of aborted babies in Houston

Third burial of aborted babies in Houston, December 28, 1993.

Over the course of several years beginning in 1990, activist Mary Jocius and her family and friends recovered the remains of over 525 babies behind a Houston abortion facility.

Mary and her group of activists proceeded to hold three burial services for these little ones. The last is pictured here.

That service took place, fittingly, on the Feast of the Holy Innocents in 1993. It was presided over by Fr. Hubert Kealy of Notre Dame Church, Mary's pastor.

Day of Remembrance 2013

The Day of Remembrance on September 14, 2013 in Houston, Texas was a last-minute miracle.

The local organizer, Kelli Taylor, found out about the Day of Remembrance only one week before the event, but still resolved to bring out as many people a she could to remember the babies buried there.

After some local press efforts, including a wonderful interview Kelli gave to a local radio station, she was able to draw a crowd of 40 pro-lifers—a great turnout with any amount of preparation!

Since the Day of Remembrance, Kelli has started Holy Innocents Ministry to continue the spirit of the Day of Remembrance throughout the whole year by keeping up their local gravesites of aborted babies and holding regular prayer events at the sites.

Images from the Houston memorial service

Images from the Houston memorial service

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