National Day of Remembrance for Unborn Children, September 14, 2019

About the God's Precious Little Ones (Burial Site of 210 Aborted Children) in Linwood, Pennsylvania

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The babies buried at the grave in Linwood, PA were killed in 1988 at the Fairfield Women's Health Organization (FWHO) in New Jersey. They had been shipped by the abortion clinic to the Vital Med pathology lab in Northbrook, IL. and left out on the lab's loading dock in boxes marked "for disposal". The FWHO was one of several abortion clinics shipping their abortion victims to Vital Med.

Day of Remembrance sponsor organizations Citizens for a Pro-Life Society (CPLS) and the Pro-Life Action League found out that the lab was leaving the bodies of aborted babies on their loading dock and retrieved over 5000 bodies of abortion victims and arranged for their burials. CPLS delivered the babies, aborted at the FWHO to pro-lifers in Pennsylvania who provided them with a humane burial.

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