National Day of Remembrance for Unborn Children, September 14, 2019

About the Tomb to the Unborn Child in Steubenville, Ohio

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On snowy January 22, 1987, the fourteenth anniversary of the Roe v. Wade decision, which summarily struck down all laws against abortion across the country, over 500 people processed from Christ the King Chapel to witness the entombment of two babies killed by abortion.

The babies were given the names Francis and Clare. That tomb, one of the first in the country, stands as a monument to the sanctity of life. It challenges all who pray there to live their lives as a witness to the Gospel of life.

Since that day an eternal flame has been added and five more children killed by abortion have joined Francis and Clare.

The annual pro-life memorial service, held every January 21 prior to the departure of students and faculty for the March for Life in Washington, D.C., features a procession to the tomb, regardless of how inhospitable the winter may be.

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